Office support without boundaries.

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Based in the East Midlands within the UK, Assistopia provides virtual office support without boundaries.

No matter where you are, Assistopia are here to help with your everyday business administration.


Here’s how we can take the weight off your shoulders and support you with running your business.


Please contact Assistopia for a free consultation to discuss how we can assist you.


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Priced at an hourly rate to help you pay for exactly what you need. A consultation will take place with a quotation provided prior to work being carried out. You will be contacted should the work take any longer than anticipated.


Retainer service

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Need regular help? Assistopia’s Retainer Service is priced for regular, monthly support at 10hr, 20hr or 30hr increments per month. Ideal for those regular admin tasks that are necessary but distract you from what is important in your business.


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Just get in touch using the contact form below and we’ll be happy to help.

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Meet Andrea

Learn more about the woman behind Assistopia.

Andrea Archer
Andrea ArcherBusiness Owner
I have worked in an office environment for over 17 years. During this time I have worked my way up from Tea Girl through to Office Manager and everything in between. I have worked for small and medium sized enterprises through to multinational corporations. This experience has provided me with a strong understanding of administrative processes and best practice.

Whilst Assistopia can’t make the tea for you, I am confident I can provide flexible working solutions to businesses that require an extra pair of administrative hands. But rather than take my word for it, why don’t you contact me today for a full, no obligation consultation?


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